Beat the Heat with Sun Screen Shades


The heat & sunlight that enter through your windows will cause fading & deterioration of your flooring, furnishings, art work and carpets in your home. Protect them with the proper shades!

Sun Screen Roller Shades

Protect your home from UV damage; optimize interior energy efficiency; control glare; enhance TV/Computer screen viewing; and reduce heat substantially.

All of these features and still having a maximized view!

These perforated Sun Screens are made from vinyl-coated polyester yarns making for easy cleaning and are available in varying degrees of sun control. With an openness factor of 1% to 20% (With 1%, 3%, 5% or 10% being the most popular), there are many choices to accommodate your needs.

The percentage factor is the pinhole type openings of the fabric.

Openness factors determine the amount of light that enters the room, and yet allows from low visibility to near full visibility thru your windows while allowing good ventilation. Its thermal insulation properties help reduce your heating costs in the winter and your air conditioning costs in the summer.

Solar Shades

These are similar in style and function as the Sun Screens but offer more in the function of light softening options. These blinds offer varying degrees of light blockage depending on one of the many colour selections, with the most decorative patterns and dramatic effects for windows. There are over a dozen product line sample cards with a combined colour/pattern selection of over 70 roller shades!

Black Out Shades (a.k.a. room darkening)

These shades are ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, or any room with extremely high privacy requirements, and/or a requirement for extreme heat/light blockage.

Any of the above styles can be combined together on a dual mounted bracket system giving you the best of both worlds. For instance -you can mount a sun screen shade & a room darkening blind in a window giving you added protection from the sunlight & heat by lowering the blackout shade during times of extreme sunlight during the day, or use it for more privacy at night. There are many choices!

Care & Cleaning of roller shades

Without a doubt, roller shades are the easiest window blinds to take care of by home owners.

They have a strong robust fabric makeup, and all the modern fabrics meet all building codes regarding fires and safety concerns. Our roller shades are meant to last decades without having repairs. Designed with strong aluminum roller tubes, plus clutch driven controls equipped with strong plated steel drive chains make them one of the best in the industry!

Cleaning is as easy as using a feather type duster (such as a Swifter or similar product) or a micro-static cleaning cloth. For soiling or areas where blinds may require more intense cleaning a mild detergent liquid soap in warm water will do the job.

Roller shades made in B.C. by a locally owned company. Sold, installed, and serviced by a locally owned company in the Nicola, Shuswap, and Thompson Regions ~ Accent Blinds Company Inc.

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